Missions 15-30

Mission 15
June 7-44
Plane Q+ B24-H
Argintan, France
Invasion coast from now on out. (-29 deg.)
12-500 # G.P.
No flak, no fighters, easy mission.
(Over The Hump Today)

Mission 16
June 8-44
Plane Q+ B24-H
Reyyes, France
6-1000 # G.P., 5 Hrs.
No flak, no fighters, (-3 deg)
Landed at a British base for dinner, because of bad weather.
Came back to field in afternoon.
No brakes, went off runway, no brakes, no damage.

Mission #17
June 11-44
Plane C+ B24-J
Cormeilles, France
52-100 # G.P.
4 Hrs & 45 Min. (-20deg.)
Hit an airfield, good job.
Flak was meager and inaccurate, no fighters. P-47 escort

Mission #18
June 12-44
Plane -O B24-J
Monfort, France
4-2000 # G.P. (-23deg.)
6 Hrs. & 30 Min.
Moderate, but accurate flak over target.
No planes. P-38, escort. One B24 went down
all got out. Another ditched, sank in 15 seconds.

Mission #19
June 14-44
Plane C+ B24-J
Chatenu-Dun, France
52-100 # G.P.
6 Hrs & 35 Min. (-19 deg.)
Air field, inaccurate flak. No planes. Good bombing.
Bombs hit planes on runway. Hit ammo dump.

Mission #20
June 19-44
Plane J+ B24-J
No ball, near Amiens, France
40-100 # G.P.
4 Hrs. (-19 deg.)
Light, inaccurate flak. No planes. Got up
at 4:00 AM & never took off untill 3:30 PM.
Hit area where those pilotless planes are sent from.

Mission #21
June 21-44
Plane O+ B24-H
No ball, just south of Dieppe.
12-500 # G.P.
4 Hrs. (-19 deg.)
Just a milk run, flew afternoon mission, morning
mission was to Berlin (?). Lost several old crews
last two days. Flak was pretty close, no fighters.

Mission #22
June 28-44
Plane H+ B24-J
Saarbrucken, Germany
20-300 # (-29 deg.)
Intense, accurate flak and enemy fighters
12:15 reveille, P38 & P51 took care of ME-109 & F.W. 190,
I saw Holland, Belgium, France, Germany and Luxembourg
all in one day. Lead high, high right. Almost froze.

July 8-1944
Plane M+ B-24 H
St. Quentin, France

Mission #23
July 12 1944
Plane E+ B-24 J
Munich, Germany
5-500 # & 4-500 # incendaries (-26 deg.)
9 Hrs. 35 Min.
Flak was heavy and fairly accurate
One long mission.

Mission #24
July 16-1944
Plane E+ B24-J
Saarbrucken, Germany
8-500 # (-20 deg.)
7 Hrs.
No fighters, flak meager & inaccurate. Accurate
flak at Brussells, got a large hole in wing and one
in nose wheel. We led second section.

Mission #25
July 24-44
Plane C+ B24-J
St. Lo, France
52-100 # G.P. (-5 deg.)
5 Hrs. 35 Min.
Very light inaccurate flak, no enemy planes.
Hit Hun (?) troops, to help infantry, never dropped bombs.
Target not visible. Led group.

Mission #26
July 25-44
Plane R+ B24-J
St. Lo, France
52-100 # G.P. (-5 deg)
12,500 ft. 5 Hrs. 35 Min.
Intense & very accurate flak, no enemy planes,
one rough mission, got hell shot out of us. Lost
two planes. We helped infantry plenty.
Got three holes in our ship.

Mission #27
July 29, 1944
Plane R+ B24-J
Bremn, Germany
24-250 # G.P. (-24 deg.)
Intense & accurate flak. No enemy planes.
6 Hrs 30 Min.
Good mission plenty of flak. No holes. Led high
right section. Last group into target.

Mission #28
August 5th - 44
Plane R+ B24J
Brunswick, Germany
52-100 # incendiaries (-22 deg.)
6 Hrs. 10 Min.
Plenty of accurate flak & fighters. Led low
left section. Got a few holes in plane.
Feathered #1 engine. Lost a few ship(s).
Plenty of sweating getting nervious.

Mission #29
August -13 1944
Plane R+ B-24J
St. Malo, France
4-2000 # pounders (-3 deg.)
5 Hrs 35 Min.
No flak, no fighters.
Helped the infantry again. Hit a small island loaded
with 88 M.M. guns. Led low left. Fair bombing -
did plenty of sweating. One more for D. F. C.

Mission #30
Aug. 25 - 1944
Plane R+ B-24J
Wismar, Germany
10-500 # (-17 deg.)
7 Hrs. 50 Min.
No fighters, plenty of flak. Easy raid, no flak
over target. Led the wing.
"I've had it"

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